Recreating with p5.js





updated Sep 28, 2022

Recreating with p5js is a workshop format spanning 10 hours over 4 weeks. It is a simple and approachable way for anyone to start learning the basics of coding.

Moving away from the traditional “hello world” basics of computational thinking and coding, the format approaches the basics of javascript coding through recreating artworks of well known womxn artists of South Asia. Featured artists and artworks are mapped to the fundamentals of javascript coding, for example, learning about lines and coordinate systems with Nasreen Mohamedi, for loops through Zarina Hashmi, text and typography through Ayesha Jatoi.

Centering the curriculum in basic art history of women artists, gives the format a strong feminist position of developing a skill that is associated with white male stereotypes. This project allows accessibility to those from non-STEM, non-coding backgrounds to learn creative coding. It has also been easy to break age barriers, the workshop’s oldest student has been a 67 year old retired businesswoman and mother of two!

Recreating with p5js has been running since July 2020. The workshops have been widely attended with more than 100 students.

NO. 1

line() and Nasreen Mohamedi

NO. 2

Rotate() and translate() and Zarina

NO. 3

for loop and Nasreen Mohamedi

NO. 4

for loop and Zarina

NO. 5

Custom functions and Ayesha Sultana

NO. 6

sin() and cos() and Ranjani Shettar

NO. 7

Random() and Rana Begum

NO. 8

Modulo operator and Rana Begum

NO. 9

map() with Astha Butail Post Unavailable This post is unavailable.

NO. 10

Random + for loop and Zarina