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updated Sep 28, 2022

What do I mean when I say recreating with p5js?

Have you ever struggled with learning “hello world”? Have you ever been put off by the technical jargon that comes with learning code? I did for several years!! I found no relatability with programming concepts but I saw that it had so many possibilities for me to explore as a creator. I wondered if this was something others struggled with too.

Then I found zach.lieberman had this super cool course at sfpc_nyc where they were using computer art from the 70s/80s and recreating it with code! It was so radical and I set out to look for Indian artists who had done stuff like that with computer art.

The search was in vain but I discovered some amazing south Asian womxn artists whose work would be exciting to recreate in code!

I discovered their stories and their processes, this journey was a paradigm shift for my practice as a creator.

In “Recreating with p5js”, we will explore artists’ works, lives and processes. To recreate with code is first an act of reflection and then an act of making. I’m leaving a few artworks and p5js prompts below, hope you find them as exciting as I do.

NO. 1

line() and Nasreen Mohamedi

NO. 2

Rotate() and translate() and Zarina

NO. 3

for loop and Nasreen Mohamedi

NO. 4

for loop and Zarina

NO. 5

Custom functions and Ayesha Sultana

NO. 6

sin() and cos() and Ranjani Shettar

NO. 7

Random() and Rana Begum

NO. 8

Modulo operator and Rana Begum

NO. 9

map() with Astha Butail Post Unavailable This post is unavailable.

NO. 10

Random + for loop and Zarina

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