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Computational Mama

updated May 8, 2023

Computational Mama’s work explores live coding and teaching as a form of camaraderie, friendship and self-care. On her Twitch stream, she teaches the basics of creative computation and new approaches to computational thinking. Her streaming series Coding with Friends is rooted in creating inclusive spaces for womxn makers to explore creative computation. She was awarded the Processing Foundation Fellowship in 2021 to produce Season 2 of Coding with Friends. She was a 2021 Processing Fellow, a speaker at Iterations 2021, a 2020 BeFantastic Fellow and has been featured in Casey Reas’ (co-founder Processing) recent list of generative artists doing interesting work. Her work has been featured in India Art Fair (2022) and Vorspiel / transmediale & CTM (2021). She is a co-instigator of dra.ft which explores emergent ideas of text and its future. The moniker Computational Mama, was created in late 2017 when a bed-ridden heavily pregnant mama-to-be decided to learn creative coding. She currently lives in Udaipur, India in a mutli-generational household of all women and her 5 year old son. She is also known as Ambika, a museum professional with over 10 years of experience and is the co-founder of Ajaibghar Cultural Services.

You are most likely to find her on instagram, youtube and twitch

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