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updated Jun 1, 2022

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A short-form podcast featuring conversations with creative technologists about code, work and care


As I traverse ideas and realities of care in my life first for grandparents and now for my son. I recognise shifts in ways of thinking and working, differences in the access available or afforded to me. And I can’t help but wonder how care translates for others in the creator community. This podcast is a simple attempt to open up, investigate and document our practices from the lens of care (particularly where the creators are responsible as primary caregivers)

These are the tentative subjects that the podcast will touch:

  • Introduction of the artist
  • One project that they care about
  • What does care mean to them at work and at home


C/o is a spin off of Computational Mama’s live coding stream called Coding with Friends. Coding with Friends casually and simply claims space for womxn creators. The series extends the idea of live coding as a form of camaraderie, friendship and self-care. Its two seasons have a watch time of over 7000 minutes. And the project saw a second season with the support of the Processing Foundation under the Processing Fellowship 2021.

After two seasons of Coding with Friends, it seemed crucial to extend the conversations in a pre-recorded format, where the invited guest can talk more intimately about their work, their lives and their ideas of care.


  • To converse openly about care as part of our lives and how it affects our work and workflow
  • To highlight the work of creative technologists as a diverse multifaceted community
  • To make space for the process or act of coding/making/creating over the code/ output/product/art

Format length: 15-20 mins 🎙️

Publish dates: July 2022 (Season 1) 🤞

Excerpt from my interview on Coding with Friends with the Processing Foundation

Through the conversations with guests coming into Coding with Friends, I found it was important to be focused on people and the process, not the product. It’s easy for all of us to fall into the trappings of creating “something.” (A product, an app, a tutorial even.) It’s very easy to forget that people come together as a group not because of a product but because they produced it “together!” As the Fellowship closes another season of Coding with Friends, I sense the importance of giving coding that texture and quality of listening, that togetherness and care.

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